Change label names on inference API

Hi there,
I recently uploaded my first model to the model hub and I’m wondering how I can change the label names that are returned by the inference API. Right now, the API returns “LABEL_0”, “LABEL_1”, etc. with the predictions and I would like it to be something like “Economy”, “Welfare”, etc.
I looked at the files of other hosted models and I saw that others changed the id2label and label2id in the config.json file, so I also did that here, but the inference API still returns “LABEL_0”. Do I need to change this somewhere else too? (Or maybe I just need to wait for a day or so until the model is refreshed on AWS?)

Update: I looked more deeply into the docs here and I didn’t find an explanation for how to change the label names. Maybe this could be added?

Thanks for your advice,