Chatbot message history needs to clear after reload

Hello! I am just starting out with a simple bot connected to openAI, it all went smoothly and my bot is running perfectly. My problem comes as I am trying to store each conversation as a line in a CSV file. Things run well when I first start the conversation and the message history tracks into my CSV file but my problem starts when I reload the webpage and the “new conversation” continues on in the history of the conversation even though the page is new and none of the history is showing on the interface. The only way the history clears is if I shut down the current link and make a new one but that won’t work since I need to have multiple people on the same link.

The end use case is that I want to send out the shared link to multiple people and let them use the chatbot but each time they close or reload the page the conversation stops and gets sent into the csv file so I can have access to it. I am running the demo right now with ChatInterface

Could someone let me know if this is possible and if so what I can do to “reset” the chat history with each reload?

Thanks so much!