Chatbot Rankings - and Chatbot-to-Chatbot Conversations

Hi everyone,

I guess somebody must be connecting the best chatbots together to have conversations with each other, with no human interference.

Is there anywhere we can see the results of such tests, or even try them ourselves?

I guess there are 3 main points here:

1. Is there a way of ranking / identifying the most successful chatbots?

2. Can we do more to test and showcase how the very best chatbots interact with each other?

3. Can everyone have the ability to connect elite chatbots and run conversations?

Yes, actually there is a person that has been doing it for quite some time on Reddit.

Essentially, he scraped posts from reddit, created training sets for different subreddits, and fine-tuned GPT-2 on them.

Different bots are generated for distinct subreddits. Those bots often interact with each other through comments. You can check this out here: What is SubSimulatorGPT2

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