CircleCI+Github Actions: Which tests run where and when


9 CircleCi jobs that run every time a pull request gets new commits. You know these well :slight_smile:

There are 3 jobs run by github actions here:

  • torch hub integration - checks whether torch hub integration works. Julien is in charge if that breaks. It doesn’t break very often.
  • self-hosted/push: runs fast tests on GPU only on commits on master. It only runs if a commit on master has updated the code in one of the following folders: src, tests``, .github` (to prevent running on added model cards, notebooks, etc.) (you can see what it does in .github/self-push.yaml)

self-hosted/scheduled.yaml: (`.github/self-scheduled.yaml’) does

RUN_SLOW=1 USE_CUDA=1 pytest tests/
RUN_SLOW=1 USE_CUDA=1 pytest examples/

on the same self-hosted AWS v100 machine.

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Thanks a lot, @sshleifer - I was able to see where the results are - that’s great!

OK, the testing doc is finally out. Added your contribution there: