Command panel freeze at "Updating hashes"

So, suddenly python start to freeze at that point, also my computer starts to freeze like if python eated all the Memory.
I didnt make any changes to files only loading new Models and Lora,
also i didnt update S.D, but then i checked, it was up to date,

Already up to date. venv “E:\Загрузки\stable-diffusion-webui\venv\Scripts\Python.exe” Python 3.10.6 (tags/v3.10.6:9c7b4bd, Aug 1 2022, 21:53:49) [MSC v.1932 64 bit (AMD64)] Commit hash: 22bcc7be428c94e9408f589966c2040187245d81 Installing requirements for Web UI Launching Web UI with arguments: --xformers --no-half-vae [AddNet]

Updating model hashes… 31%|█████████████████████████▉ | 5/16 [00:01<00:02, 4.06it/s]

Turns out its a problem with one of the LORA