Communities for computer vision?

Can you suggest a community similar to this for computer vision please?

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HuggingFace is quite active in other domains besides NLP as well.

We currently support 20+ vision models, including ConvNeXt, Swin Transformer, Vision Transformer, Swin Transformer v2, etc.

For an overview of all vision backbones, see here: Auto Classes.

Besides that, we also support object detection models, such as DETR, Deformable DETR, Conditional DETR and YOLOS: Auto Classes.

We also support image segmentation models, such as SegFormer and MobileViT.

We have a computer vision channel on Discord:


thanks for sharing these resources. Is there any model for object tracking as well?

There’s no object tracking yet. But we’re adding several domains, like monocular depth estimation recently with models like DPT and GLPN.

If you have suggestions for models to add (with pre-trained weights), feel free to open an issue on Github.

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Use object detection + OpenCV for object tracking