Controlling bos, eos, etc in api-inference

Is there a way to control the beginning of sentence, end of sentence tokens through the inference api? I could not find it in the documentation.

Hi @cristivlad ,

Currently there is no way to override those within the API.
We are adding and end_sequence parameter to enable stopping the generation when using prompt-like generation (for GPT-Neo for instance).

For BOS, what did you want to do with it ?


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I tried end_sequence and indeed works, I would suggest updating the doc, thanks in any case! :slight_smile:

    data = json.dumps(
            "inputs": "1+1=2\n2+2=",
            "parameters": {
                "max_length": 50,
                "num_return_sequences": 1,
                "return_text": False,
                "return_full_text": False,
                "do_sample": True,
                "top_k": 50,
                "top_p": 0.95,
                "end_sequence": "\n"
            "options": {
                "wait_for_model": True,