Convert new T5 checkpoints released from Google (NaturalQuestion dataset)


As Google Research team recently released the new T5 checkpoints (finetuned especially for Natural Questions) in TF format (non-h5).

Are there any convenient ways to convert these checkpoints to load with HF T5 model ?

Yes, great idea!
You could try to download the google cloud ckpt files then

python src/transformers/ --tf_checkpoint_path FIXME/model.ckpt-1014600  --pytorch_dump_path FIXME  --config_file t5-base-config.json
transformers-cli upload FIXME

where FIXME is the new model name.
Post a github issue if that breaks!

  • post a link if it works!
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Thanks Sam for suggestion & encouragement! :smiley:

I had minimal time yesterday, so I just had a chance to minor modify your instructed command line to make sure it worked on loading weights into models (I tested on colab)

!gsutil -m cp -r gs://t5-data/pretrained_models/cbqa/t5.1.1.small_ssm_nq .
!python transformers/src/transformers/ --tf_checkpoint_path t5.1.1.small_ssm_nq/model.ckpt-1110000  --pytorch_dump_path t5.1.1.small_ssm_nq  --config_file t5-small-config.json

I just realized that the newly shared T5 weights have minor different config than the original as it based on T5.1.1 here .

Therefore, weights cannot convert directly due to architecture different between original T5 and T5.1.1
And the moment, I could not modify T5 config file on T5.1.1

UPDATED 2: Okay, I found an ongoing progress by Patrick in our own HF github about T5.1.1 :