Convert PyTorch Model to Hugging Face model

I have looked at a lot resources but I still have issues trying to convert a PyTorch model to a hugging face model format. I ultimately want to be able to use inference API with my custom model.

I have a “” file which I got from fine-tuning the Facebook Musicgen medium model (The Git repo I used to train / Fine tune the model is here). I want to upload this to the hugging face hub so i can use this with inference API. How can I convert the .pt model to files/model that can be used on hugging face hub? I tried looking at other posts but there is no clear answer, or it is poorly explained.

Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated :pray:

This is the code I have right now that is not working:

import torch
from transformers import MusicgenConfig, MusicgenModel
from audiocraft.models import musicgen
import os


state_dict = musicgen.MusicGen.get_pretrained('facebook/musicgen-medium', device='cuda').lm.load_state_dict(torch.load(''))

config = MusicgenConfig.from_pretrained('facebook/musicgen-medium')
model = MusicgenModel(config)


loaded_model = MusicgenModel.from_pretrained('/models')