Create a translator from English to Italian for personal use?

For reasons I use Google translate a lot. But as you know, Google translate doesn’t provide good quality translations.
DeepL (Which I read is based on AI) does a much better job, but it’s very expensive and can’t afford one.

Recently I found this AI world and I was wondering if it would be possible to create a translator, strictly for personal use, that could create better translations than Google Translate (and possible even at the level of DeepL?) by selfhosting, without having to spend much.

By a blind research here on this site, I found Bart one to many mbart-large-50-one-to-many-mmt.
I tested a little with this but the results are not that good imho. When lines are short is okay but as soon as you write something elaborated, it start to makes grammar mistakes and other. I would classify this at the same level of Google translate honestly.

Are there better alternative or better options for my needs? Can you guide me to something good?