Create custom LLM for job/resume portal

We want to create a job/resume portal like monster, dice, careerbuilder, linkedin but with UI/UX like ChatGPT and using LLM.
We are looking for experts who can help us select LLM to use and train the LLM to load all jobs, job descriptions, candidate profiles, resumes and use from UI like ChatGPT by entering TEXT or AUDIO prompts.

Using prompts, recruiters will be able to create job descriptions, post jobs, search candidates, connect and engage with candidates, qualify candidates, interview candidates and hire/onboard candidates.

Using prompts, candidates will be able to create profile (Not resume), with desired job type, location, compensation and engage with recruiters, pre-qualify for jobs, talk to recruiters, apply to jobs, schedule and give interviews and get hired.

Mobile first and web app will have all profile settings, history of cactivity and communication.
System will guide recruiters and candidates with pre-defined promots and train them to how to use the promots with very little learning curve.

Please contact me at or whatsapp at +17328001313 if you can help us build this custom LLM and host it and ruin it for us.

Please use this link to schedule a call with me. Taj Haslani - 15 Minute Meeting | TidyCal


Taj Haslani