Custom gpt an idea i had

Hi. Hopefully this is the right place to ask. So i am a physician, not a programmer. I use my dad which has programming skills but not AI experience. I had an idea of making a customuEd bot that uses chat-gpt capabilities to act as an advisor on a certain subject. I thought it wasnt enough to give him 1 pdf file and ask questions. Instead i want 100 pdf files and integration between them. So we managed after search in the net to build a code so i can give him pdf files, train on these files and then be able to ask questions. Its kind of simple and i hoped maybe someone could look at the code and offer better solutions? Like being able to ask more than one question, giving the files priorities which is more important or maybe offering a better platform. In my vision every topic in medicine will have a specialized bot which could act as an advisr so we make less mistakes or diagnose patients faster. If this is the place than i will happily insert the code in a reply