Deploying 🤗 ViT on Vertex AI

@sayakpaul l and I have been covering the deployment aspects of (TensorFlow) vision models from :hugs: Transformers, and we’re delighted to announce the final post on that series today!

In this post, we cover deployment with Vertex AI. You’ll learn how to deploy a ViT B/16 following best practices, consuming the deployed endpoint in different forms, conducting load-tests, and, more importantly, the pricing around the deployment.

When we started this series, there was a dearth of resources showing how to deploy TF models from :hugs: Transformers to GCP(Google Cloud Platform) and TF ecosystem following good practices. We wanted to close that gap :hugs:

Here’s the latest post: Deploying :hugs: ViT on Vertex AI

For those of who are interested in the last post

Thanks to all the reviewers from :hugs:: @merve , osanseviero, joaogante, Matthew Carrigan, and stevhliu! (sorry for not mentioning others since a new user like me can only mention two person in a post :sweat_smile:)

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