TensorFlow trainer

Hi HuggingFace Team

We are at the beginning of a new DL project. In this project, we work with transformers in TF2.
Before we start this we’d love to know what are your plans about creating a training framework for TF2.

In our search for answers, we came across a GitHub issue that mentioned that TFtrainer will be changed/removed.

We were hoping you could shed more light on your plans for the integration of the transformers library with TF2. More concretely -
Do you intend to release a TF Trainer?
Will it be using Keras?
Any date expectations?


Hi there!
Yes the TFTrainer will be deprecated and removed in v5, we will focus on better integrating with Keras (though the means of Keras callbacks if we need to add functionality). Checkout the new classification example for an example of where we are going.