Do I need the objects under .git/lfs if I just want to use current version of models?

The model files in huggingface are very large and they all require run git clone lfs before actually git clone . I found .git/lfs has many large objects. Are those objects pertaining to old files/models only?

I removed the objects under .git/lfs and still can load the model from the local downloaded repo folder. So this makes me wonder if I just want to use current version of models, can the objects under .git/lfs safely be removed to save some disk space?

Yes that should work – or you could also just download the current version of the model with huggingface_hub’s snapshot_download method

(cc @wauplin)

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Yes exactly. Agree with Julien that snapshot_download is the good solution to save disk usage. Here is the documentation guide on how to download.