Does anyone need an extra pair of hands?

I am a researcher in the field of ml4science and am currently on a sabbatical while awaiting confirmation on my next job offer. And I am itching to put myself to some good use and in particular I wanted to get some experience working with NLP and CV and all the new generative AI models.

My skills:
I work primarily with PyTorch and usually work with point cloud data, using Graph Neural Networks and Neural Operators.
I write my own models and scale them to multi-gpu and multi-node setups running on SLURM environments. Paralleization is accomplished with DDP and Deepspeed (model parallel and pipeline parallel) and also through custom approaches by writing my own PyTorch Cuda kernels (my CUDA skills are pretty basic but am interested in getting more experience in this area). I also worked with torch.rpc directly and with MPI.

If you are are interested in working with me reach out at: pawlatwork @ g _ mail . … com

I am not seeking any financial compensation.

Hello! I am a beginner in AI and have learned that layoutlmv3 is a very powerful multimodal model for handling NLP. I hope to use it to do something very meaningful. But I don’t know how to use this model to fine tune and recognize images to complete the Genealogy repair maintenance.

To do list:

  1. Recognize the text layout of the genealogy and convert scanned images into PDF with selectable text
  2. Identify the content and generate tag content with character cards (name: DOB-DOD, burial site, educational background, descendants, events, etc.)
  3. A graphical family tree connected by character cards into a tree