Download models through Artifactory

I can’t use files directly from internet so I need to download them before.
I necessary have to use our company artifactory to download files from internet : docker image, java lib, etc. and so huggingface models.

For example, model google/flan-t5-base. On web page, I see located in · google/flan-t5-base at main
So if I use curl on link like this : https://my_url_artifactory/google/flan-t5-base/blob/main/, the file is downloaded, no problem

But for some models, example lmsys/vicuna-13b-delta-v0 it doesn’t work.

GET https://my_url_artifactory/lmsys/vicuna-13b-delta-v0 works

but GET https://my_url_artifactory/lmsys/vicuna-13b-delta-v0/blob/main/ is faulty
“errors” : [ {
“status” : 400,
“message” : “Rejected artifact download request: Parent lmsys must be a folder”
} ]

Anyone know the problem ? What should I ask to our artifactory administrator ?
Thanks.for help.


It is possible now, see JFrog Help Center