Download speeds slow on the popular Models

First time installing any AI model and I’m basically just following a simple guide to get stable diffusion 1.5. However, I noticed once command prompt got to the point where it needs to download this model from huggingface, my download speeds drop from the usual 5 mB/s down to like 200 kB/s.

I did some testing and went on the website itself trying to download the models through my browers and even then, I’m still hitting speeds of 200 kB/s. I noticed that basically every model I try to download on the most liked page was getting these speeds. However, I then tried picking some random models, on less liked pages and my speed shot up, back to my full speed of 5mB/s. Is hugging face throttling downloads on their most popular model/potentially unable to handle the download traffic for their most popular models?

Just a little concerned about having to wait 6 hours to download any of the well known models. My internet could cut out at any time and maybe I’ll lose all the progress.