Spikes on downloads of my model on the huggingface hub

I uploaded my model ‘MathBERT’ onto the huggingface hub and for the past 2 month before 7/28/2021, it retained for 100+ downloads for the last 30 days. Starting from Jul 29, 2021, i noticed the number got a big spike such as 8,237 downloads for the ‘last 30 days’ stats and i checked again today, it is now 31,370 downloads. As much as i wanted my model to be a popular model, i suspect if there’s any systematic error on calculating the model downloads for my model. For anybody to troubleshoot, my model link is here: tbs17/MathBERT · Hugging Face

Let me know if anybody discovers the reason:-)

Thank you!

cc @pierric

Hi HF team,

I wonder if there’s any resolution about the situation i pointed out above? Thank you!