Dynamic Drop down option

Hi everyone,
In the application I’m trying to build I want to have a dropdown which loads one of the column from csv,since this csv file keeps getting updated, I want to make this dropdown dynamic such that everytime I click a button the dropdown options should get updated,I am facing issue with trying to make this work, please refer the below attached dummy code, interface and error message.

Dummy code:
def load_data():
return values
with gr.Blocks() as demo:
Op=gr.Dropdown(label=“List the data from csv”)
Refresh=gr.Button(“Refresh the drop down data”)


Dummy Interface:

“UserWarning: The value passed into gr.Dropdown() is not in the list of choices. Please update the list of choices to include: [‘FINAL’, ‘LUCY’, ‘COD’, ‘TRUX’, ‘corsa’] or set allow_custom_value=True.”

if I set “set allow_custom_value=True” Dropdown will get converted to Textbox which will be a issue as I need dropdown choices for upstream processes.