Editing existing dataset sheets

Couldn’t find a way to edit or suggest edits to dataset sheets.
For example
yelp polarity and yelp full from here GitHub - zhangxiangxiao/Crepe: Character-level Convolutional Networks for Text Classification have BSD-3-Clause License
But the question is more general than that. (also contacting members that contributed content would have been nice, is that possible too? (e.g. jakeazcona/short-text-labeled-emotion-classification has no documentation, but maybe the authors have something)


we plan to add support for Pull Requests to the HF Hub, so you’ll be able to propose changes that way.

cc @julien-c: Maybe we could have an option on the Hub to make e-mails (or GitHub/Twitter username) public and if they are public, show them on the profile page?