Efficiently slicing dataset


What is the most efficient method of slicing a dataset? I have a dataset that only contains the input_ids and attention mask for evaluating my model, both as list (not Tensor). I need to split the dataset into chunks as my GPU Memory is not enough to fit everything in one go.

I tried ds.select(range(0,20)) and I tried ds[0:20]. Both operations take 2 seconds and even If I increase the size from 20 to 50 elements it takes 5 seconds. So basically the time increases linearly with the number of elements.

Is there a way to slice a dataset that is more time efficient?



You can use ds.select(). Make sure to use a recent version of datasets, it has been optimized significantly and is almost instantaneous even for big datasets

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Thanks for the help!

The problem was somewhere else in the end. The print statements in my code find out which expression takes the longest slowed down my code substantially :man_facepalming:.

I learned my lesson :smile: