Endpoint compilation error "Unrecognized model in repository"

I am receiving an unusual error when trying to build an endpoint for the “yiyanghkust/finbert-tone” model. I’ve tried compiling multiple endpoints using different cloud services and gpu/cpu sizes all of which have failed presumably due to the following error in the logs:

“ValueError: Unrecognized model in /repository. Should have a model_type key in its config.json, or contain one of the following strings in its name”

Not sure why this is happening as I am simply trying to use it out of the box with zero customization.

Any help would be appreciated greatly!

Hello @ldeb,

Yes, the config.json is missing a parameter for model_type to load it with the AutoModel class correctly. I opened a PR in November to fix this: yiyanghkust/finbert-tone · add missing model type

The easist would be if you “duplicate” the repository with Repo_duplicator - a Hugging Face Space by osanseviero and make the change yourself too