Ensure sentence completion at "."

Hello I’m trying to avoid output truncation during text summarization. I’ve been tuning parameters of the .generate() function such as max_length, num_beams, early_stopping…

I found out I could use StoppingCriteriaList class to specify that I want to stop generation when a dot (.) is generated but apparently this is ignored since I sometimes get an output with two sentences (ending in dot). This is my code so far:

from transformers import StoppingCriteriaList

def my_stopping_criteria(output):
    if output!=None:
        if "." in output["generated_text"]:
            return True
stopping_criteria = StoppingCriteriaList([lambda self, output: my_stopping_criteria(output)])

inputs = tokenizer(texto, return_tensors="pt").input_ids
outputs = model.generate(inputs, max_length = 1000, stopping_criteria=stopping_criteria, num_beams = 3, no_repeat_ngram_size=2, early_stopping=False)

In the end I simply want my output not being truncated. Does anyone know how to achieve that while doing text summarization?