Error trying to connect to RabbitMQ

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

I was playing with a Spaces, trying to connect to a RabbitMQ server using the libraries pika and rabbitpy.

I wanted to test something like this:

  • One space receive the info from the user interacting with the interface, and send a processing message to the RabbitMQ.
  • Other two spaces acts as workers and process the message sending back a response to the main space.

The problem is that with pika I am receiving a ConnectionError, while with rabbitpy I got RuntimeError(“Timeout waiting for opening the socket”).

I am able to establish the connection via both libraries when I run the code locally.

Is there a restriction with sockets in the Spaces?

Best regards,

Hi Carmo,

There in a restriction in Spaces regarding outgoing open ports. By default only ports 80 and 443 are available.

What ports are you trying to use with rabbitmq ? The default one 5672 ? We have the ability to open specific ports for dedicated spaces, if you need it you can open an issue in the space community tab and cc chris-rannou.

Hi @chris-rannou,

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

As I was trying to do this as a test, I think there is no need to make the request.

I was looking for information about ports in the documentation during my testing, but couldn’t find it.
With the info you gave me, I am satisfied :+1:

Thanks for the help,