Example Image with Mask

When I use the sketch option in an image input, how do I define an example mask input in Gradio?

I tried to build a numpy array matching the size of the image and filled like a clean mask, but that did not work.

here is one way I tried:

example_mask = np.empty((327,600,4))
example_mask[:] = [0,0,0,255]
examples=[["bruce.png", example_mask], "64", "128"],

Currently, it is not possible to provide an example mask. We’ll work on this in the future!

We are keeping track of sketching-related issues here: refreshed image input component · Issue #466 · gradio-app/gradio · GitHub

Would you kindly be able to add this to the issue?

Thank you for the reply, I will add the topic in the issue :slight_smile: