Example of how to pretrain T5?

Is there any codebase in huggingface that could be used to pretrain T5 model? Looking into the examples dir in the repo there is nothing mentioned about T5. Thanks!

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Still need help on this…

Hi @mralexis, there’s a GitHub issue that might help you: How do I pre-train the T5 model in HuggingFace library using my own text corpus? · Issue #5079 · huggingface/transformers · GitHub

In particular T5ForConditionalGeneration is probably what you are looking for doing pretraining: T5 — transformers 4.3.0 documentation

@lewtun Thanks for the quick reply! I did check it out but there is only a code block on how to calculate the loss for pretraining but no other implementation details which are also critical. Do you know whether there is code on that?

Unfortunately I do not know where one can find a detailed example of T5 pretraining, so pinging @valhalla in case he does

Hey guys, sorry about the super late response.

T5 pre-training is not implemented with Transformers, AFAIK it’s only available in the original T5 repo.
What we need to implement this with Transformers is the T5 style denoising dataset. It’s in my todo-list to implement this hopefully early next month.


Hey! :slight_smile: just checking in on that to see if anyone has any updates.
Thank you :sunflower: