False Summarization with distilbart-xsum-12-6

I tried to make an abstractive Summarizer with distilbart-cnn-12-6 and distilbart-xsum-12-6 both models worked but the results were quite interesting.
The article is about Snowden paying back a lot of money due to a lawsuit from the U.S. government.

distilbart-cnn-12-6 sum:
Edward Snowden agreed to forfeit more than $5 million he earned from his book and speaking fees. Snowden published his book “Permanent Record” last year without government approval. A federal judge had sided with the Justice Department in its lawsuit to claw back Snowden’s proceeds. The case represents one of the few ways the government has found to hold former employees accountable.

The US government has agreed to pay back millions of dollars it is seeking to seize from a former intelligence contractor who leaked details of US surveillance operations.

I liked the overall sum from xsum more than the cnn one, but why is the content completely wrong, is there any reason for this behavior?