FAQ about the forum

This covers some frequently asked questions about the forum.

How can I have a profile picture?

The profile picture is not handled in the forum directly, you have to set it in your huggingface.co profile: go on this page, click on the icon at the top right (which should be a gravatar if you didn’t upload a profile picture yet) and you will be able to upload it here.

Note: You need to log out and log back in after any picture change for it to take effect.

How can I type equations with LaTeX?

You can type equations inline using the following syntax: $e = mc^{2}$, which will render e=mc^{2} or for display mode, surrender your code with $$:
n! \sim \sqrt{2\pi n} \left ( \frac{e}{n} \right )^{n}
will render

n! \sim \sqrt{2\pi n} \left ( \frac{e}{n} \right )^{n}
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My profile picture is not getting updated even though I’ve set it on huggingface.co.

For some reason it took it for the banner, not your profile pic. Weird.

Oh, I didn’t see the banner. Yeah, it treats profile pic as banner pictures. Why is not profile picture being handled by this forum ? This also uses discourse. Fastai, pytorch forums do it like that.

It is handled (see mine) just not through discourse but huggingface.co
@julien-c any idea why it ended up as a banner picture in this case?

No idea what happened. I’ve logged you out of the Discourse @prajjwal1, can you try signing in again?

Thanks, it seems to be working now. Didn’t know logging in/out would do the trick.