Feature request: IDE for Hugging Face?

Feature request: I noticed there is an IDE for PyTorch and its ecosystem: TorchStudio. Is there one for Hugging Face? I found TorchStudio does simplify my workflow. If there isn’t an IDE for Hugging Face and it’s worth doing maybe adding an extension TorchStudio would be a way to do it?

what are your favorite features of TorchStudio?

TorchStudio is helpful the way that other IDEs are helpful. I can better see the PyTorch development cycle, I can see what choices I have and I can see what I’m doing wrong. It provides me with a visual debugger and it lets me generate a lot of code with fewer keystrokes etc. It also helps me learn PyTorch. I’m not suggesting you develop your own IDE. But I think it would be helpful if I could generate Hugging Face code on an existing one such as TorchStudio, VS Code, PyCharm etc. Apologies, if somebody’s already done this and I haven’t found it yet.

I realised I didn’t thank you for your question and I didn’t answer it directly. What I really like about TorchStudio is that it is specific to PyTorch, it works and it’s free. Also, it greatly improved my understanding of PyTorch which was unexpected.

@tomjan FYI that’s on TorchStudio roadmap - to integrate Hugging Face’s datasets and models right within the IDE interface :slight_smile:

Okay cool. :grinning::+1: