Finetune generative model

I want to train a model on my custom documentation in a way it is able to answer related questions like chatgpt style (generative way). But I am lost. What is the best method to do this and what is the best model for the task.

I am a total beginner too. However, I will try my best.

I tried to solve a similar problem as you, and have tried a few things.

So far I am unable to make any opensource model work for this (or in general).

However, I saw somewhere in OpenAI API docs that you can upload documents and their models will answer questions from your documentation.

I have successly been able to use davinci model playground to answer questions based on the context (included in the prompt). In their playground there is a “chat” preset. I used that and modified it to my use case.

I havent deployed it anywhere yet, but as an experiment my mind was almost blown!

Because we both are working on a similar problem, I would like to stay updated on your progress too.

Sure. I like the idea of keep updating each other.
For the moment I think this is the best approach I have found : google/t5-11b-ssm-tqa · Hugging Face
Finetune this model would give us the QA model we need. But I need to dive deeper into the documentation.