Fionetune model always predicts same output class for new data

I have a problem, trained a model with bert which give around 0.90% on test data and I decide to use it on new data which were not annotated. When running the model, I keep getting the same class output. And I would like to know why ?

Can you help me ?

Hey! Just wanted to state that I am facing the same problem and still don’t know how this is happening. I was working with RoBERTaForSequenceClassification with a binary classification problem and it gave 50% ACC. after 5 epochs. It did not learn anything at all.

Hey @emmakelo, it may be a dataset imbalance. Accuracy is generally not a good metric, check the precision and recall values.

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Thank you!! I solve the problem. Actually I was not loading correctly the model after training, do not know why ? Now the problem is corrected.