Free form text answer checking against sample answer along with context

I have education technology app where we have assignments with Free form text questions, multiselect questions, checkbox question. For answer checking multiselect and checkbox question is straight forward as we compare against the index. Though we don’t have straight forward way of doing answer checking for free form questions. Here is one example -

question - What implications does the atmosphere’s effect on incoming solar radiation have for life on Earth?
teacher answer - Possible responses: The atmosphere protects life at Earth’s surface from damaging UV light energy. Heat from the IR part of the spectrum makes it through the atmosphere and warms things at Earth’s surface.

Now I would like to take student responses and give some autograding with confidence for below sample answers -
response1 - makes it more safe
response2 - The harmful wavelengths would affect us physically like giving us skin cancer.
response3 - It dilutes colors and energy coming into Earth’s atmosphere and makes it so that the sun’s ultraviolet light doesn’t burn everything on Earth’s surface.
response4 - If we didn’t have an atmosphere then there would be a lot more Ultraviolet light present around us which could be very bad because we would get sunburnt very very easily and there is a higher chance for skin cancer or other long term issues.
response5 - It protects life on earth from burning. The reduced energy helps keep people safe from sunburns, skin cancer, and eye damage.

What would be appropriate way to approach this problem using some natural language processing or AI model?

You can look at What is Sentence Similarity? - Hugging Face

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