Generate questions from a given context

I am trying to generate questions from a given context

Unfortunately I obtain hallucinating answers .

Is there a way to do it accurately using hf ecosystem ?

I obtained inaccurate answers from this program, I want it to create 4 questions related to the given content :

from llama_cpp import Llama
LLM = Llama(model_path="../../../../llama-2-7b.Q5_K_M.gguf", n_ctx=512)
context = """
Nous sommes dans les Yvelines
Il fait beau
Nous sommes a quelques km d'un joli lac
le boulanger est sympatique
Il y a également une boucherie
prompt = """
You are a Teacher/ Professor. Your task is to setup
4 questions for an upcoming
quiz/examination. The questions should be diverse in nature
across the document. Restrict the questions to the
context provided.
Context is provided below :
""" % context
output = LLM(prompt, max_tokens=0)