Getting predictions

Asking a very basic question but any suggestions would be highly appreciated, I am not able to see the predictions for this code from huggingface longformer piece of code, this is not related to longformer but a generic question:

import torch
from transformers import LongformerForMaskedLM, LongformerTokenizer

model = LongformerForMaskedLM.from_pretrained(‘allenai/longformer-base-4096’, return_dict=True)
tokenizer = LongformerTokenizer.from_pretrained(‘allenai/longformer-base-4096’)

SAMPLE_TEXT = ’ '.join(['Hello world! '] * 1000) # long input document
input_ids = torch.tensor(tokenizer.encode(SAMPLE_TEXT)).unsqueeze(0) # batch of size 1

attention_mask = None # default is local attention everywhere, which is a good choice for MaskedLM
… # check LongformerModel.forward for more details how to set attention_mask

outputs = model(input_ids, attention_mask=attention_mask, labels=input_ids)
loss = outputs.loss
prediction_logits = output.logits

each element in your logit vector stands for the classification probabilities for each class, so you just take the index of the maximum logit and that will be your predicted class.

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