Gradio additional inputs not visible when deployed on Hugging Face Spaces

I am trying to deploy a Gradio app on Hugging Face Spaces. The app includes a chat interface with an additional input, specifically a slider. Here’s the relevant code:

with gr.Blocks() as demo:           
    slider = gr.inputs.Slider(minimum=100, maximum=1000, default=256, label="Max New Tokens")
    chat = gr.ChatInterface(random_response, additional_inputs=[slider])


When I run the app locally, I can see the additional inputs. However, when I deploy the app to Hugging Face Spaces, the additional inputs are not visible.

Is this a known limitation of Hugging Face Spaces, or am I missing something in my deployment process? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

got it. problem was i used gr.inputs.Slider instead of gr.components.Slider. the former is deprecated.