Gradio App chat boat with LLM Document

I am creating catboat using Gradio and LLM with document embeddings. I want pass document source actual link with actual answer. How can i pass link

I am using below code and tried multiple ways, still not working

def summarize(input,chat_history):
output = Reference_QA({“query”: input}) ## LLM Module call
chat_history.append((input, output[“result”]))
#chat_history=(input, output[“result”]))
sources = [doc.metadata.get(“source”) for doc in output[“source_documents”]]

chat_history.append((input, output[“result”],source_link))

#chat_history.append(f"Answer: {answer}\n[Source Document]({source_link})"
  #  return "", chat_history
return chat_history

with gr.Blocks() as demo:

My Helper Chatboat


gr.description = Reference

chatbot = gr.Chatbot(height=240) #just to fit the notebook

#chatbot = gr.Chatbot(height=240) #just to fit the notebook

msg = gr.Textbox(label=“Prompt”)

gr.title="VOA to answer common FAQs and Queries",
msg = gr.Textbox(label="How may I help you?")
btn = gr.Button("Submit")
with gr.Accordion("Reference:",link):
    gr.Markdown("Look at me...")
clear = gr.ClearButton(components=[msg, chatbot], value="Clear console"), inputs=[msg, chatbot], outputs=[msg, chatbot])
msg.submit(summarize, inputs=[msg, chatbot], outputs=[msg, chatbot]) #Press enter to submit