Gradio Chatbot Output Rendering Issue

So I have used the Gradio Library to create a Chatbot interface using the GPT2_Simple model I have retrained.

# Define a function to generate a response given an input
def generate_response(input_text,context=[]):
  import gpt_2_simple as gpt2

  # Start a TensorFlow session and load the GPT-2 model
  sess = gpt2.start_tf_sess()

  gpt2.load_gpt2(sess,run_name="run1",checkpoint_dir="/dbfs/FileStore/test_gpt2/checkpoint/",model_dir = "/dbfs/FileStore/models")
  print('Generate Response Input',input_text)
  context += [input_text]
  updated_input = ""
  updated_input = '[User] : '+input_text+'\n'+'[BOT] :'
  print('Updated Input',updated_input)
  response = gpt2.generate(sess, model_dir="/dbfs/FileStore/models", checkpoint_dir="/dbfs/FileStore/test_gpt2/checkpoint/",truncate= "\n",
  response = response.strip()
  context += [response]
  responses = [(u,b) for u,b in zip(context[::2], context[1::2])]
  print('Response in Generate func',responses)
  return responses,context

with gr.Blocks() as demo:

chatbot = gr.Chatbot()

state = gr.State()

with gr.Row():

txt = gr.Textbox(show_label=False, placeholder=“Enter text and press enter”).style(container=False)

txt.submit(generate_response, [txt, state], [chatbot, state])

import gradio as gr

defines a basic dialog interface using Gradio

with gr.Blocks() as dialog_app:
chatbot = gr.Chatbot() # dedicated “chatbot” component
state = gr.State() # session state that persists across multiple submits

with gr.Row():
    txt = gr.Textbox(
        placeholder="Enter text and press enter"

txt.submit(generate_response, [txt, state], [chatbot, state])

launches the app in a new local port


This function gives me output in general but with Gradio in debug mode, I can see output is generated but on the screen nothing is there.
Can someone help with this?