Hello gradio people i need your help!

Hello gradio people, some of you might remember this space from the huggan event.

Anyways, this huggingface space will be displayed at an art gallery today haha. You will have Hana’s real houses paintings displayed and my anti houses being generated on a laptop and displayed on a projector.

And uhh i have some questions wrt how the submit button works on gradio. I would like for it instead of generating a new image in the box on the right side of the screen to force the submit button to open it in the same tab or something. To me it sounds like something gradio isnt made for so im here asking if something like this is possible
https://imgur.com/a/dAOXUM2 this is what the setup looks like, someone generates a house and then presses open image in new tab and then they look at it on the projector, I was wondering if there’s a quick way to simplify this process for people to look at it without the right click → open image in new tab.

thanks in advance :hugs: