Help with understanding Model requirments and getting started at home


I am fascinated how these models are out for people to use. Unfortunately, I don’t really understand how to use them. Using Copilot/chatGPT helps me to a point but I am constantly getting clobbered by compatibility issues.

It is usually around correct cuda versions and correct version of python.

ie. if I have python 3.11.x installed the models require python 3.10
Cuda 11.3 won’t work with Cuda 12.3

I thought these would be backwards compatible? No?

I read the file, but they do not list requirements. Or do they, I am looking in the wrong spot?

desktop computer, good cpu, gpu, ram, hd
using vs code, python/anaconda

Goad, try a text to image model and use images I choose to train on.

Suggestions on where to start?