"Hola, name" In gradio app

Hi guys ! I’m making a Gradio app for a client.
The functionalities are done, everything works correctly but I still have this little detail that I don’t know how to manage…

This app is going to be for different users, and after the user is going to log via the system of the client (I can’t touch anything there) .My app is going to receive their user_name + mail via a json, and the client wants that the app says 'Hey, '+ name of the user. I can’t use the gradio logging system.

I’m using the title parameter of the gr.block() function that i changed afterward with CSS to write “hola,name”. But I have this problem that from my understanding, there is no way to make it dynamic and i would have to reload the whole gradio app everytime someone logs, and my client don’t want that.

Another idea i had would be to use a HTML block and have the name changing dynamically but I can’t make javascript works within a HTML blocks for some reason.

So I have 2 questions :
Is there a more simple way that I am missing ?
If not, how to combine HTML + Javascript in a block ?

Thanks in advance for your help guys