How do organizations work?

After creating a new user account, I see an option to create a new organization. As I am hoping to create some datasets that might be shared within my organization, this seems like a good choice. However, I don’t see a way to search existing organizations to see if (unlikely) someone has previously created a huggingface organization that I should be joining. I don’t see any way to join an existing organization, so I’m also a little concerned about how others would find and join a new organization that I create. It all seems like a walk down a dark alleyway…

I see documentation on how models or datasets can be created and assigned to an organization, but I see no documentation on how huggingface organizations are created, managed, and what things are available to free vs. premium users. So, how do organizations work in huggingface?

hey @jnemecek here’s a few quick answers, but feel free to open an issue on the huggingface_hub repo if you think the docs could be improved further.

currently you can search for organisations by name in the search bar on the hub. the name will appear under the “Organizations” section and you can request to join an organisation by clicking on the button shown in the screenshot below.

as far as i know there is no difference in organisation-specific features between free and premium users. as described in the pricing page most of the features concern the use of the inference api

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here’s an issue you can track + add any more feedback that you think would be helpful for hub visitors :slight_smile:

Hi! Currently, there is no longer an option to request to join an org. Is there another place where we can do this?

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Organization owners can now configure if they want to have an option for users to be able to request to join the org or if members can just join by invite.