How to a Autotrain Seq2Seq?

Hi everyone , I’m trying to finetune a Helsinki-NLP/opus-mt-tc-big-ar-en on local arabic of morocco which is called Daraija Arabic , the problem is that I’m unable to use Autotrain I keep getting 500 error code
FYI : I didnt modify Training Parameters (find params to copy-paste [here] area so I dont know if its necessary
Screenshot 2023-12-07 011912

can you tell us whats going on in the logs:

===== Build Queued at 2023-12-06 22:31:36 / Commit SHA: 71571d6 =====

DONE 0.0s

→ Pushing image
DONE 2.3s

→ Exporting cache
DONE 0.1s

For Logs Container : Container.txt - Google Drive
Here is a link as I was unable to share it via copy/paste here

I am stuck here too, did you figure it out?