How to download files with name and extension?

might be a dumb question but, how can I download an output file with the same name and extension?
I’m using gradio Interface and my outputs is just a single file (where I return the file path), the model works correctly but when trying to download my file, in google chrome it changes to a default name “download” without any extension.

Am I missing something?

Thank you

Hi @AeroDEmi ! Thank you for posting this.

I think you can right-click on download and then click on Save Link As and you can chose the location and filename there.

Thank you for your response @freddyaboulton.
In the example you provided when I right-click on the download link and choose the Save Link As it does not automatically download the zip as instead it is Is there a way to not manually enter the name each time?

Take for example this implementation: Dpt Depth Estimation + 3D - a Hugging Face Space by radames

It has 3 outputs, the last one is a file, that downloads with a pre-given name and extension

@AeroDEmi Thank you for explaining that. I think I understand the problem now. In the space you linked me, the file is downloaded with the name given by the prediction function by default. That space is running gradio 3.0.b8. The same is true of the zip_two_files demo with gradio 3.0.12 but not with the latest gradio version or gradio 3.0.18.

This seems like an undesired change. I will file an issue for this. Thank you for posting this!

@AeroDEmi Filed Download button does not respect the filepath returned by the interpretation function · Issue #1689 · gradio-app/gradio · GitHub

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Thank you @freddyaboulton

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