How to finetune Bert on aspect based sentiment analysis?

Hello, I check huggingface library and I only saw notebooks for finetuning on text classification, I am looking for a tuto to finetune on aspect based sentiment analysis , does it exsit for Bert ?

Can you clarify what you mean by aspect based sentiment analysis?

Aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA) is a text analysis technique that categorizes data by aspect and identifies the sentiment attributed to each one . Aspect-based sentiment analysis can be used to analyze customer feedback by associating specific sentiments with different aspects of a product or service.

So I have “the restaurant food is quite good” => aspect : food ; sentiment of aspect : positive

Hi @emmakelo, I was wondering about the same thing. I came across this dataset. The dataset has a column name called aspectCategories which has multiple category tags and the polarity of each tag in the sentence. I was wondering if anyone knows whether there is an existing tutorial on fine-tuning language models for this specific task.

Sorry, I did not find anything about that! I stay on a classic classification.