How to get model size?

Hi, everyone!
Is there a quick way to get model size for an arbitrary transformers model?

Do you mean size in mb or the number of the parameters used?

Regarding size check this:

Regarding the number of the parameters in PyTorch you can use:
sum(p.numel() for p in model.parameters())


For me, the simplest way is to go to the “Files and versions” tab of a given model on the hub, and then check the size in MB/GB of the pytorch_model.bin file (or equivalently, the Flax/Tensorflow model file).

e.g. GPT-J-6B is 22.5 GB, as can be seen here:


Hi Kirill!
Thank you!
Inspired by the number-of-parameters part of your answer I figured, I could actually get it in a slightly simpler way:


which returns the same number as your solution.
Thanks for help!

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Hi Niels!
Thank you!!

Is there a way to sort or filter models by file size?

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