How to translate japanese voice into english subtitle filewith fast-whisper

Hello, I am a beginner to setting up Whisper, but I think I managed to do everything correctly, and I want to use this model

zh-plus/faster-whisper-large-v2-japanese-5k-steps · Hugging Face model

. when i run python with:

from faster_whisper import WhisperModel

model = WhisperModel(‘zh-plus/faster-whisper-large-v2-japanese-5k-steps’, device=“cuda”, compute_type=“float16”)
segments, info = model.transcribe(“audio.mp3”, beam_size=5)

print(“Detected language ‘%s’ with probability %f” % (info.language, info.language_probability))

for segment in segments:
print(“[%.2fs → %.2fs] %s” % (segment.start, segment.end, segment.text))

It gives me the subtitles but in japanese, how do i change that in english? And at the end it is supposed to output a srt file right? Thank you