Huggingfac and GSoC22

Hello team,
I was wondering, Huggingfac have a big community and it’s one of the best open course organizations to my mind so why I never see it in the GSoC

actually, I want to contribute with Huggingface soon and at the same time I want to select my organization that I will start to contribute with for GSoC

So I coming to ask about, Does Huggingfce will Participate in the GSoc22 or not
if it will, please let me know in any project it will Participate,so I can start contributing with

Hi there! The GSoC timelines have not been published for 2022. Last year the proposals were submitted around end of March and organizations applications were around mid January, so it’s a bit early to know how we’ll participate in the GSoC program.

In any case, if you want to contribute with Hugging Face to the Open Source ecosystem, I would check the transformers and datasets repositories, both have good first issues.

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