HuggingFace Inference containers are not available in GovCloud (US-East)

Hi Team,


We are able to access following HuggingFace inference container in GovCloud (US-West) region.

AWS announced the availability of SageMaker in GovCloud (US-East) region early this year (documentation)

Hence we decided to deploy models on US-East region but we are not able to pull the following inference container in US-East region and getting below error.

Error: cannot pull Ensure that the role exists and the image was granted pull permission.

Please check if {dlc-aws-account-id} is correct or not, confirm when we can access those images in US-East region.

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Can you please open an issue in the GitHub - aws/deep-learning-containers: AWS Deep Learning Containers (DLCs) are a set of Docker images for training and serving models in TensorFlow, TensorFlow 2, PyTorch, and MXNet. repository? Thats nothing we (HF) have impact on.

Sure, Thanks