I could not able to use save_pretrained on my T5 Model

I have fine tuned T5 model on a task and i am trying to save the model using save_pretrained method available for huggingface Model but i could not able to do so .

can some say what is the error ?

What is T5Finetuner? That is not a Transformers model.

its just a class in pytorch.

class T5FineTuner(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self,model,tokenizer):
        super(T5FineTuner, self).__init__()
        self.t5 = model
        self.tokenizer = tokenizer
    def forward(self,input_ids, attention_mask=None, decoder_input_ids=None, decoder_attention_mask=None, lm_labels=None):
        outputs = self.t5(
            decoder_input_ids = decoder_input_ids,
        return outputs

Model is created using this class!

The class seems pointless because it doesn’t add functionality on top of T5 as currently written. You could have just used T5 as-is. save_pretrained is part of HF subclassed models, not of PyTorch’s nn.Module’s.

Either don’t use this class and just finetune the given T5 model. Or instead of subclassing nn.Module, subclass transformers.PreTrainedModel.